In The Company of Colour: Alison Rose

3/7/23 - 23/7/23

Alison is passionate about the power of colour and creates expressive, vibrant,
semi–abstract floral still life and landscape paintings. She explores and layers colour intuitively capturing sensations and feelings from both observation and imagination.

“As a child, I recall staring up in awe at a large Matisse painting; that moment
ignited my life-long love, curiosity and fascination for colour. Colour and nature,
nourish and nurture both my soul and senses, and my well- being is enhanced with the therapeutic benefits of having colour and flowers as my constant companions.”

From fresh to fading, Alison is captivated by the glorious colours, textures, shapes, scents and characteristics of flowers. Searching the endless dialogue, dynamics and relationships between colours is what underpins and drives her practice - as does her desire for her paintings to bring joy to the viewer.

‘Colour is a power which directly influences the soul’ Kandinsky