In 2 Minds

Kathy and Charles Hallsworth

Monday 25th March - Sunday 7th April in the Little Gallery

Producing art is a very personal activity based on the experiences and interpretations of the world that surrounds us. So it's not surprising that artists create many varying images and responses based on observation, emotions, memories, connections, skills and more...

This exhibition juxtaposes the work of two individual artists who have shared experiences of life together for more than 40 years.  One may think that living together and sharing so many experiences that our art would have many common interpretations, but I'm not so sure...  We hope the impression of this shared exhibition is thought provoking, challenging, entertaining and amusing for you the audience as well for both of us.



Kathy Hallsworth

Kathy ...on her work

My local Jurassic coastline and landscapes are a natural inspiration for me. As a keen walker I constantly observe the changing quality of light and weather patterns that transform the natural environment surrounding me. My aim is to try to capture the mood and atmosphere of a place in my paintings and to revel in the awkwardness and power of nature.

I often begin with a fairly accurate visual representation of a place, but then let a series of random and controlled processes take over my painting until my work feels emotionally comfortable to me. Sometimes  this can be within a couple of hours, but often I work over days or weeks. My art is a constant enjoyable challenge for me which enriches my everyday life. 

Charles hallsworth

Charles ...on his work

I believe both creating and observing art is a reflexive and creative process. Painting in particular as an activity stems from an inspiration with the objective of producing something that resonates with an internal desire to meet ones own aesthetic.

Each painting has a hidden story of it's creation based on many years of experiences, learning, skills, contemplation, emotion, motivation and inspiration. This builds the artist's view of the painting. An observer relates to the painting through there own experiences, learning, motivations and aesthetics. So when a painting is observed, the image exists in two minds, each interpreting the same thing in different ways.

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