Nigel Moores & Gordon Ellis

Saturday 15th June - Sunday 7th July 2024

This exhibition aims to encourage the active involvement of the observer in the continuous process of creativity; opening the way to a change of sensibility, so that our approach to life is no longer based on subject/object duality but is a collaborative venture in a field of open possibilities. We are thus a part of rather than apart from.

Here, painter and poet interact creatively to give rise to such a field that all are invited to participate in, giving rise to their own creative activity, actual or imagined. In doing so we can take part in the fundamental processes of creation out of which the world and its manifestations arise. As Goethe said:

through the contemplation of an ever creating nature, we should make ourselves worthy of spiritual participation in her production.


Such an orientation with respect to artistic creation can help us to change our sensibility and relationship to the natural world and contribute towards the renewal we need for humanity and the planet to survive.

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