Stitched Up!

Saturday 9th to Sunday 24th March
This exhibition is an eclectic mix of colourful, textile artworks
created by a group of stitchers who meet regularly in Dorchester.
Originally coming together to learn creative machine embroidery
they have each developed their own diverse styles and themes.
A variety of techniques are used including painting, printing and
dyeing fabrics, dry felting with the embellisher, and hand and
machine stitching.
There will be 2D and 3D items, hangings and framed pictures, as
well as cards for sale in the Little Gallery.  

rachel Celia textile  Rachel Celia

Lin Burton textiles  Lin Burton

Karen Buchanan-Harlow textiles  Karen Buchanan-Harlow

Judith Dearlove textiles  Judith Dearlove

 Wendy Keen textiles  Wendy Keen

Wendy Hermelin textiles  Wendy Hermelin

Lynne Grace  Lynne Grace

Originally coming together from a variety of backgrounds to learn creative machine embroidery with Wendy Hermelin the Stitched Up! group members have each developed their own diverse style.

Wendy Hermelin

I trained in art and dance and have taught both with a passion throughout my life. Since taking the City and Guilds course in Creative Embroidery 24 years ago I have exhibited widely throughout the west country. Now I am happily part of this creative Stitched Up! group

Lin Burton

During 2017 I attended 2 workshops in creative process and self expression. One of my projects was a paper collage of a sunflower and I had the idea to stitch over the paper. I loved it and this opened up the path to freehand machine embroidery.

Karen Buchanan-Harlow

I have always enjoyed the creative arts. Some decades after taking O level art I completed several floristry and textile art courses and am now delighted to be part of the Stitched Up! group of creative women, where I am encouraged to explore my love of colour and texture in fabulous company.

Rachel Celia

Having sculpted in ceramics, steel and other metals until my hands were too damaged to continue, I eventually, after a lengthy tantrum, challenged myself to make copies in textiles. I finally found my new, and very different, voice in this new medium.

Judith Dearlove

I always knew I wanted to use textiles but didn't know how until I had the luck to join classes with Wendy Hermelin. The Stitched Up! group continued this development by encouragement, experimentation, creativity, fun and friendship.

Wendy Keen

I started studying Art and Design as a mature student in 2004. The journey has taken me into ceramics, fused glass, print and currently textiles and collage. I guess this makes me a mixed media artist. 

Lynne Grace

I am a contemporary landscape and seascape artist. Primarily a painter, my work is a delicate balance between realism and abstraction. Recently I have been exploring using textiles and hope to combine my artistic vision with an appreciation of the natural elements which surround us.

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