Past Times

1st August to 6th extended for a few extra days!

Sou’-Sou’-West Gallery is delighted to host this new exhibition by the
residents of Harbour House Residential Care Home in West Bay,
Bridport. This is part of a new programme of community development
facilitated by the Gallery, nurturing creativity and encouraging

Harbour House residents have a weekly Art Session with local Bridport
artist Sarah Jane Ross. Most participants have only started painting in the
last few years and many are in their 90s (one is 103!), including one
resident who is registered blind. Care home staff also join in the sessions.

The art sessions tackle a wide range of subjects, varying from traditional
landscapes to world landmarks, seasonal flowers to animals (e.g. turtles,
bears, bees), using a variety of media, including inks, charcoal,
watercolour, oil pastel and soft pastel.

The artwork exhibited is some of the residents’ favourites, selected from
their own portfolio of work created during the classes.

Residents are hugely excited to be exhibiting at Sou’-Sou’-West!

We hope you enjoy the exhibition!