Outside the Box: Malcolm Giladjian

3/4/23 - 16/4/23

Malcolm's subject starts with the study of the Wey Navigation in Surrey.  He says:

"The River Wey and the Wey Navigation was a big part of my childhood from the age of three to fourteen, it was right on our doorstep, with boating walking and fishing with family and friends.

I wanted to go back to my roots as I felt that part of me was starting to come out in my painting. It was like a journey back in time, the rivers, canals and locks were just the same nothing had changed in sixty years, (That makes me feel old).

With the use of sketches and phone photography I collected enough information to start (date June 19th 2022). My painting began with much disappointment, I realised what was missing from my work, I was trying too hard to get this right. I had gone back to my childhood and that is how I should paint through my eyes as a child, free from inhibitions, with the use of the colours around me the smell of the water plus my childhood memories. 

Going back to my painting I was now free without too much thought.

This journey has been a real learning curve for me as I feel I have moved to a different level creating not only colour but a joy in the movement of my work".