Poetry of Nature: Richard Corbett

31st October to 13th November

Richard specialises in landscapes and seascapes; always aiming to capture the spirit of a place. He aims to connect the viewer with the light and atmosphere of the local landscape and to give them a moment to reflect mindfully on nature.  He says:

"The title of this exhibition comes from my lifelong relationship with the Natural World. As a boy, I was always happiest when out in the elements; being part of the landscape; studying the flora, fauna and layers around me through observational drawing, which continued into my medical studies and later at art school. With time this evolved into a symbiosis, in which I couldn’t survive without Nature. I have spent my life since developing my understanding of my relationship with Nature as a scientist and an artist, but also how to look after it as a human being.

Nature is a complex web of different elements that ensnares us physically and emotionally. Some would say there is a spiritual, or poetic connection. Man has expressed this through all the arts, but in a way most profoundly through poetry, art and music. I connect with artists whose works are inspired by the land and sea and particularly the light. That moment when the weather, the geography, the season and the time of day create a moment that gives us hope, joy and a feeling of the sublime; and melancholy, drama and power at the other extreme.

It is in my paintings, prints, photographs and drawings that I wish to capture that poetic moment."


After the Rain by Richard Corbett


Image: 'After the Rain' by Richard Corbett