Precipice?: Sarah Jane Ross

1/5/23 - 14/5/23

Bridport artist Sarah Jane Ross is exhibiting her new ‘Precipice?’ series of contemporary landscape paintings, asking “are we living on the edge?” while celebrating the official ‘Year of the Coast’.

Working on black and using inks Sarah Jane ‘carves’ out the view, creating with rhythm and repetition. Due to the inks, she has to work flat, not at a traditional easel.

Sarah Jane, who also delivers regular art workshops in care homes in the local area, said: “We are living in precarious times, socially, politically, economically and environmentally. Watching waves crash against rocks, dramatic cliff falls and feeling ‘on top of the world’; I hope to evoke these emotions through the ‘Precipice?’ series.”

Sarah Jane has exhibited across the South West including on a cross-channel ferry and in printer’s letterpress compartments – and she’s also roller-skated in the Tate Modern!


Featured Image: 'Crash' by Sarah Jane Ross