Three Miles Square and a Windowsill

This exhibition at Sou’-Sou’-West Arts Gallery brings together Corrina Cooper and Andy Rollo; two artists whose creative practice engages with the everyday, the fractured and broken, the beauty of nature, colour and light. Their still life and landscape paintings continue the modernist tradition of exploring the juxtaposition of abstract and realist elements, gaining inspiration from artists such as Charles Rennie Macintosh and Randall David Tipton. All the work being exhibited was produced during the pandemic and consequently reflect the restrictions of movement and confinement within small spaces. Both artists, however, do so with a sense of hope for the future by celebrating what is in close proximity to us all.

Open daily from 10.30-4.30.


'Vase' by Corrina Cooper and 'When You Come Into The Light' by Andy Rollo 

'Vase' by Corrina Cooper

'When You Come Into The Light' by Andy Rollo