7th Annual Printmakers Open 2022



30th April to 22nd May 2022

Saturday 30th April will see the opening of Sou’-Sou’-West Gallery’s 7th annual Printmakers Open.  To capitalise on the success of this ever popular show, this year the gallery has encouraged submissions of work where emerging and well-established printmakers from across the south west are exploring new exciting methods, processes or subject matter, as well as using the more traditional methods, such as etchings, woodcuts, linocuts, collographs, carborundorum, dry points, mokuhanga, monoprints, lithographs, and more.

Printmaking is a highly skilful art form that offers artists numerous ways of working, from the detailed and time consuming to the immediate and serendipitous. Whichever process is used, the resulting image will be distinct from what drawing or painting alone can achieve. 

Expect larger wall hangings, prints on fabrics which can then be displayed in a three dimensional manner and even printing on to other materials such as glass and ceramics: essentially there will be no boundaries!  To emphasise the process of printmaking the gallery will also exhibit any plates, sketchbooks and models which have been used in the printmakers’ creative process.  

 'Gothic Garden' original printing plate, by Cath Bloomfield

Image: ‘Gothic Garden’ original printing plate, by Cath Bloomfield.