Kara Chambers

Aiming to use my joy of Nature as an act of resistance.
My work is intuitive, drawing directly from my experiences walking in nature.  My passion lies in taking time to notice the natural story unfolding around me.
Back in my studio, I aim to depict a chosen moment, to convey the feeling of place, the character of an animal and my relationship to the experience.
I aim for simplicity in life, whilst recognising that life and relationships are multi layered.  This is reflected in my art, I collage layers of textiles and mixed media - painting with threads.
I prefer the pace, flow and effects of hand stitching, working almost exclusively with old textiles and threads. i will often dye, Ecoprint and paint directly on cloth to add depth and to embed something of the environment into the cloth.
I tend to work on three pieces at the same time as I find this allows my work to evolve at a more natural pace.
You can find more about my artwork on Facebook at Kara Chambers or Devonhandmaid.
Designer maker Kara Chambers walking an ancient holloway