This Tiny Island: Alexander Friedman (Recent Paintings)

Alex Friedman
5 February - 20 February

Albion: This Tiny Island - Alexandr Friedman
Albion (this tiny island) / Oil on canvas / 162 x 122mm 


Alex’s paintings display a joy of the things we, as society, cast off, “the everyday things that folk’s leave behind”. These forms are both ancient and modern; Arrowheads, bricks, BBQs, ladders, chunks of broken road and much more, all merge to form traditional landscape scenery and characters. The artworks become  panels and sequences, like a sad comic strip that aims to question our rare existence on this land. How did we get to this state? Where are we going? Journeying from our ancient history on this tiny island, from that to this.


Exhibition view from exterior

Entrance to the exhibition

Exhibition interior