Come Back To Colour: The Big Draw Festival

18th October to 30th October


The Big Draw Festival is a worldwide celebration of drawing, promoting the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression, and invention. This year, the theme ‘Come Back to Colour’ encapsulates what we all hope will be a rediscovery of the vitality, health, care and vibrancy in everyone's lives after what has been a challenging last few years. 

Please use our Big Draw 'Creation Station' to test our range of different artist's materials in the Sou'-Sou'-West Shop, be inspired by the work on display and the glorious outdoors, celebrate the colour and beauty all around us by taking yourself back to the drawing board and create something joyful.  

You can take your work home with you…but if you would like to enter our Big Draw competition, please write your name and contact details on the back of your work and leave it in the gallery for us to hang on the wall and share with everyone. 

Our favourite picture by the end of October will win an artist’s wrap filled with a sketchbook and drawing materials, worth £40.  Two runners up will win a sketching set worth £10.

To get you started, we have suggested subjects to inspire you every few days.

Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th:  Faces

Thursday 20th and Friday 21st: Landmarks

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd:  Plants, Flowers & Trees

Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th: Design a Cake

Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th: Hallowe’en

Every day there will be a range of different artist’s materials at the ‘Creation Station’ for you to try, free of charge, to respond to these themes. 

Don’t worry if you feel creatively blocked…. our volunteers are here to help!  Or just look at the suggestion cards on the ‘Creation Station’. 

Above all, have fun!