Enclosure Acts: Sarah Jane Ross

25th April to 8th May

Bridport artist Sarah Jane Ross' ‘Enclosure Acts’ series of contemporary landscape paintings considers the theme of accessibility and how it affects the UK landscape and people. Working on black, Sarah Jane ‘carves’ out the land-shapes in this environmental, political series of artworks harmonised with the local landscape. The paintings ask us to reflect on trespassing, livelihoods and freedom.

Started in late 2020 in response to the Enclosure Acts Sarah Jane Ross became aware of how little had changed: the events of 2020, with lockdowns and restrictions, created a new social enclosure act. So many fences, visible or invisible. So many feeling enclosed and with limited access to green spaces.

 Sarah Jane’s work appeared on this year’s Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year and judge Tai-Shan Schierenberg said: “I really like what you’re doing here, your work is very unusual and it’s very effective.”

 Sarah Jane, who also delivers art workshops in care homes in the local area, said: “Art and nature should be accessible to everyone - and this has been highlighted over the last two years.  White lines on black can be easier for people with visual impairments to see and it turns the tables on our conventional way of thinking: a black line on white paper.”

Colmers Hill Spring by Sarah Jane Ross