The Sky Is The Limit

23rd October to 7th November

Popular Lyme Regis artist Christine Allison is currently exhibiting at Sou’-Sou’-West Gallery with her show ‘The Sky is the Limit’.  Returning to one of her favourite themes, the sky, Christine’s new work will fill your field of vision with attention-grabbing, expressive skyscapes and cloudscapes.  Some are tranquil, some are darker and moody, all are full of vibrant colour and texture. 

She says “my studio and home overlook the sea, I swim into the rising sun each morning, the sky dominates my days. Quietly it has crept back under my skin and into my work. Lockdowns have kept me at home, no travelling to the Middle East with my big bird paintings, no life models to paint and draw - but the sky has been there for me every day, like a faithful friend - waiting for me to realise it was still my subject.” 

While the pieces exhibited have not been shown before, Christine has long been fascinated by the ever-changing colours and moods of the sky.  An old sketchbook from almost 20 years ago has ‘don’t let the dawn start without me’ scrawled on the first page.  She says of that period “if I missed the dawn I had missed an opportunity”.

Painting with oils is a sensory experience for her: “I love the visceral feel of paint on the surface and the smell. Many of these new pieces are working on Bockingford Watercolour paper. I love to use oil paint on paper. There is a freedom in tearing off a big piece of paper from a roll, stapling it to the wall, layering it with gesso and then going for it with paint, brushes and palette knives.”

An experienced teacher as well as an artist and author, Christine will be leading workshops for budding and established artists to develop their creative use of a sketchbook to inform and enrich their work.  Held on three different dates, 1st, 3rd and 5th November from 10am-1pm, the short courses offer a wonderful opportunity to learn from this inspiring artist.

Book a space via Sou’-Sou’-West Gallery on 01308 301 326.

Image: 'Storm In A Teacup' by Christine Allison

 New work by painter Christine Allison


Three workshops with artist Christine Allison during her exhibition ‘The Sky Is The Limit’ at the Sou’ Sou’ West Gallery on the Symondsbury Estate.

Monday 1 November

Wednesday 3 November

Friday 5 November

10am - 1pm

Maximum 6 places on each workshop (only one workshop per person). Adults only.

£30 per place.

Please book through Sou’-Sou’-West Gallery on 01308 301 326.


“My sketchbooks are an important part of my creative process, they are my aids, my teacher,  my reference books, my tools.”

In these workshops, which are suitable for both emerging and established artists, Christine aims to encourage and develop your creative use of a sketchbook to inform and enrich your final work.  

Bring a sketchbook, a selection of dry materials to make marks and colour with, these can be water-soluble but no paint please in the gallery. Christine will also bring media to share and experiment with.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. 

Please note that we will be working together on a big table in the gallery.  Visitors will also be allowed into the gallery to view the exhibition during the workshops.